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Welcome to Naruto OC Critiques! Here you can submit your Naruto OC for evaluation. This blog was made to help others improve their characters and give constructive criticism. Do be warned that there may be some things you may not agree with and we do our best to do our research. Join Our Discord! Character Critiques are open!
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a Naruto Sci-Fi Themed Week! December 1st - 8th, 2020 Hosted by Shadow and Kitty All AUs / Characters Welcome! ⇣⇣⇣ mobile ⇣⇣⇣ ☆ ABOUT ☆ 2020 PROMPTS HERE ☆ GUIDELINES & FAQS ☆ AO3 COLLECTION ☆ ASK THE...
Thank you for your request, my sweetie Small Request Game. Ghiaccio x affectionate S/o. Ghiaccio acts like a tough guy but deep down he’s a small cinnamon roll who craves for love and affection. This might be sliiightly because I 1/8th ship Yams x Yacchan but I feel like in 1st year they’re both kinda questioning their sexualities a little so they date for like a few months which ends up with Yams learning he’s either bi or pan but hella gay for Tsukki and Yacchan learns that she’s super into gals and everyone’s happy and they stay super great friends :3
naruto felt the itch of needing to occupy himself with a million things, to avoid the exhaustion sitting on his shoulders from the influx of papers flooding through those doors. so when his name is called, blue eyes shift from the outside to the old friend and he drops the paperclips he’d been mindlessly shaking around for at least five minutes. #date tech #dateko #hq!! headcanons #haikyuu headcanon #aone takanobu #futakuchi kenji #moniwa kaname #datekou #i love this team #go go let's go let's go dateko #koganegawa kanji #obara yutaka #sasaya takehito #sakunami kousuke #hq!! #summer.txt #this is my pride and joy #dateko headcanons #my headcanons
Naruto and Sakura barely benefited from Kakashi’s teaching. Kurenai is a genjutsu master and her kids don’t do anything beyond (possibly) detecting and dispelling genutsu. (something useful for every team, not just trackers) Asuma is Team 10′s sensei because tradition.
While none of the information is canon it can be used for Headcanon or Character Development purposes for roleplayers. Enneagram Of Personality - Type One: The Reformer (Quick Facts) The rational, idealistic type: principled, purposed, self-controlled, and perfectionist.
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